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Toy art Paleolito no programa Legendários

Joao gordo apresenta Paleolito toy art brasileiro de Ismael Lito no programa Legendários da TV RECORD com participacao do grupo banana mecanica

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Paleolito toy art Kratos God of wart

paleolito Kratos - God of war feito para a revista arkade games

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Paleolito no programa tribos do multishow

participação do Paleolito Urban Toy no programa Tribos no Multishow sobre TOY ART. Dani Suzuki entrevista artista americana Tara Mac Pherson, o designer Ismael Lito eo colecionador Marcos.

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Paleolito toy art no Toysrevil.com

WHAT-IS: PALEOLITO is a Brazilian urban vinyl toy created by designer Ismael Rio Lito.
ORIGIN: Paleolito is borne from paintings on caves from prehistoric times, drawn by men who wanted to create a being stronger than animals, but not more powerful than men... [MORE]
WWW: www.paleolito.com.br / customs via Paleolito's flickr.
DESCRIPTION: Paleolito is a DIY-concept figure (aka "Do-It-Yourself"). Standing 4 inches / 11cm tall, Paleolito is made of vinyl and is available in Black or White.
AVAILABILITY: DIY Black or White is R$45,00 + shipping (US$19) / Custom Hand-painted Paleolitos are R$80,00 + shipping (US$34). Email paleolito.toyart [at] gmail.com to enquire.


Who could imagine that collect dolls would no longer be something of a child? Something precipitate ten years ago, today became fashionable and, better yet, profession. The designers, graffiti painters and artists in general are invading the world of toy art creations with more fun, merging the world of imagination with reality. This is the case of Rio Ismael Lito designer of 31 years, creator of the puppet "do it yourself" Paleolito, which promises to invade the market and the home fans and collectors of toy art. Our friend got even a site: www.paleolito.com.br. There you will give the whole history of the doll, and they could download wallpapers and view custom suggestions for their Paleolito.

Like all creation begins with a story, this could not be different. Man of the caves, hunted, stones, fire. They are characters from the distant past and a little reminder, but that is one of the most fascinating periods of history. Without documents, the anthropologists have almost exclusively drawings in caves as records of customs and life at the time. Thus begins the story of the birth of the urban toy Paleolithic.

toy art

toyarttoy art paleolito

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